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Video: Dermascope, 2016 ISHOW India Winner

Geethanjali Radhakrishnan, with assistance from advisor Dr. Bala Pesala, was one of three winners of ISHOW India, for her hand-held Dermascope. The Dermascope uses ultraviolet light to cause infection-causing bacteria and fungi to fluoresce. Healthcare workers can use the device to diagnose specific pathogens that cause infection. Traditionally, diagnosing skin infections requires a lab culture, a process that can take up to six weeks. Rather than waiting for the results, healthcare workers sometimes prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic. This can lead to the overuse of those drugs. Radhakrishnan’s company is Adiuvo Diagnostics Private Limited, of Chennai, India. In the photo above, Pesala is on the left as ASME’s Noha El-Ghobashy, right, presents Radhakrishnan the ISHOW award.


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