Video: Defining Disrupting and Changing Technologies through Codes and Standards

Dec 13, 2016


Starting out in your career as engineers, a particularly daunting challenge many face is understanding the large body of codes and standards within their industry. This can be compounded by industries and technologies that are rapidly evolving at rates that codes and standards struggle to keep up with. Regardless of experience, standards committees value input from a wide range of backgrounds, providing a rich environment for exchanging ideas, exposure to a broader cross-section of the industry and the opportunity to connect with peers impacting the direction of the industry.

Dan Comperchio, P.E., Senior Engineer at Willdan Energy Solutions draws from his experience working in an industry undergoing explosive growth and constant innovation and the challenges in the development of codes and standards. He will discuss the importance of early career engineers engaging in the process and the opportunities the experience presents, as a core group of experts and leaders help shape technologies and industries.

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