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Video: AskME Theory = Success

The ASME FutureME Video Contest 1st Place Winner (2015), Irene Garcia shares her perspective on “What I Wish I’d Known about Engineering When I Entered the Workforce”. Irene talks about the “AskME” theory that describes the essential competence to be successful in the workplace and to reach one’s highest potential.

Irene Garcia is a Mechanical and Materials Engineer, working in REPSOL since 1998. She has 15+ years of design experience in pressure vessel and piping. She is a specialist in fabrication and quality control of pressure vessels. Her expertise with the specifications and codes and the application of inspection technics add value to the execution of new projects in REPSOL.

Since 2007, she attended ASME PVP Conferences, where she was an active member in ASME PVP Materials and Fabrication Committee for 5 years. From 2012, she attends ASME Code Weeks, and she has recently become a Member of the Resource Development Group (BPV VIII). She has authored and co-authored several technical papers in ASME and CESOL (Spanish Welding Association). She teaches engineering courses at REPSOL and CESOL.

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