Video: Aníbal L. Taboas, 2013 Dixie Lee Ray Award

Video: Aníbal L. Taboas, 2013 Dixie Lee Ray Award


Aníbal L. Taboas is an internationally-recognized leader in regulatory engineering and environmental management. His work ranges from research and development at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory to a career at the U.S. Department of Energy, followed by consulting on strategic leadership, risk management and the defense fuel cycle.

Taboas focuses on delivering desired outcomes in connection with radioactive airborne emissions from Three Mile Island, multimedia emissions trading, nuclear waste policy and accident investigations. His major projects also include work on advanced energy systems, nuclear weapon disassembly and remediation of the Brookhaven Superfund Site.

In addition to voluntary technical activities, Taboas is committed to improving opportunities for members of underserved population. He is president and CEO of ASPIRA Inc. of Illinois, headquartered in Chicago, which promotes leadership, development and education in Hispanic communities. ASPIRA operates a charter school network, which Taboas is aligning toward data-driven, student-centered decision making.

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