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Top 5 Infographics of 2020
At ASME, we the editors of Mechanical Engineering magazine strive every day to provide insightful and interactive stories. Our infographics are just one of the many methods that have allowed us to dessiminate information in an engaging way and to explore concepts not easily translated via an article.
The infographics that topped our ‘Best Of’ list varied in subjects. Topics covered included engineering career insights, additive manufacturing, how ventilators work, engineers’ satisfaction, nuclear energy, the future of 5G, and even science fiction.
The editors have looked back and picked their favorites among the best performing infogprahics. In no particular order, here are our top five most popular infographics of 2020.

1. The History of 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing or rapid prototyping, is a technology with an elaborate history. Since the first patent was filed in the 1980s, different companies have fought for the first-place position to become the brand name for 3D printing. Today, almost anyone can go online and purchase a home 3D printer and start printing objects within minutes.

2. Career Paths in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a great career choice, offering a secure future, a good salary, and a broad set of skills. Mechanical engineers upon graduation have several roads laid out in front of them on how to pursue their careers. Explore how mechanical engineering is an excellent career choice for aspiring students and professionals.

3. What is Bioengineering?

As the blending of technology and medicine grows, so to does the bioengineering field. Today's bioengineers work on various innovative tech, including 3D printing of biomaterials, genetic engineering, cybernetic medical devices, robotic biomechanics, and neural engineeering, just to name a few. This infographic explores one of the fastest growing engineering disciplines today.

4. Five Ways to Boost Your Engineering Salary

There are always ways for mechanical engineers to increase their salaries. Most approaches require planning and a significant investment in time, money, and education. Here are five ways to start boosting your engineering salary.

5. The Seven Most Inventive Technologies of Star Trek

The television series Star Trek has become a cultural touchstone beloved by millions of people. One popular aspect of the series has been its technology. The writers for the show were not scientists or engineers, and yet, they “invented” futuristic technologies that have been reproduced in real life.

Carlos M. González is special projects manager.

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