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Infographic: Six Technologies That May Reshape Medicine

Infographic: Six Technologies That May Reshape Medicine

New biomedical devices and technologies are poised to provide a veritable fountain of middle age.
According to the McKinsey Global Institute, poor health shaves a full 15 percent from worldwide economic activity annually. In July 2020, MGI published Prioritizing Health, a report that examined health investments as a means to provide social and economic benefits.

The report identified six innovations in what it called “the visible pipeline” involving advanced bioengineering solutions that should provide material health gains in the next two decades. These innovations won’t simply add years to the end of someone’s life, but instead extend the period of robust health. “For people at middle age, the shift could extend the number of years in good health by a decade, essentially making 65 the new 55,” the report states. While no explorers have tramped through swamps looking for the “Fountain of Middle Age,” that’s what these new innovations may provide.

Here are those six innovations, as identified by MGI.

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