Test your knowledge on the top trends in wearable technology.

QUIZ: What are the Top Trends in Wearable Technology?

Jan 22, 2021

by ASME.org

The wearable market is growing at a fast pace. What was seen as gimmicky just a few years ago, has now become an everyday piece of technology for many. According to Business Insider Intelligence, more than 80 percent of consumers are willing to wear fitness technology to help improve their daily lives. A majority of them use their wearables as a way of staying connected and engaged with others. A wearable device's definition is also changing. What started out as a Fitbit wristband or an Apple Watch, has now become hearables with virtual assistants or smart fabric that capture analytics from daily movement. To learn more about the top trends in wearable technology, take our quiz and see how wearable devices will shape the future.


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