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Quiz: Gadgets and Other Advantages of Today's Kitchen

Quiz: Gadgets and Other Advantages of Today's Kitchen

If you look around the modern kitchen you find shiny machines, powerful gadgets, efficient designs, and usually, organizational systems each with an interesting story to tell.

The early Romans weren’t just masters of infrastructure engineering, they crafted frying pans and colanders from metals like bronze and copper. They even had egg poachers and scissors—items we consider essential in today's modern kitchen.

But with electricity came the promise of gadgets, new materials, and different ways of thinking that eventually lead us to long food storage and different ways to make meal prep quicker.

Each invention from foil, to enameled cast-iron sinks, or ways of thinking such as kitchen design and organization, has taken us a long way from our humble beginnings. Take the quiz below a test your knowledge of the marvelous modern kitchen:


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