Publication of First Edition ASME Nonmetallic Standards

Oct 7, 2019


Developed by the Nonmetallic Pressure Piping Systems (NPPS) Standards Committee, the purpose of these standards are to address the unique design and construction requirements associated with nonmetallic pressure piping systems. These standards are ASME NM.1, Standard on Thermoplastic Piping Systems; ASME NM.2, Standard on Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Thermosetting-Resin Piping Systems; and ASME NM.3, Standard on Nonmetallic Materials. ASME NM.1 provides requirements for piping and piping components that are produced using thermoplastic resins or compounds. ASME NM.2 provides requirements for piping and piping components that are produced using glass-fiber reinforcements with thermosetting resins. ASME NM.3 provides specifications for nonmetallic materials for pipe and piping components and, in conformance with the requirements of the individual construction standards, methodologies, design values, limits, and cautions on the use of materials. This standard is divided into three parts; Part 1 – Thermoplastic Material Specifications, Part 2 – Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Material Specifications, and Part 3 – Properties. 
If you are interested in learning more about the new nonmetallic pressure piping standards, we encourage you to participate in our upcoming series of webinars which will be conducted in the first half of 2020. These webinars will cover, in greater detail, what each standard covers, its benefits, applicability and its impact in the industry. Announcements for registration for these webinars will be forthcoming.
For more information, contact Carlton Ramcharran (+1.212. 591.7955).

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