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Podcast: The Future of Education and Grand Challenges

Podcast: The Future of Education and Grand Challenges

Welcome to the fourth episode ofASME TechCast, a new podcast brought to you by the editors of andMechanical Engineeringmagazine that brings you the innovators, innovations, and issues that push the envelope of engineering.

This week we speak with Evelyn Wang, who was recently named the head of MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering. We talk about some of the new educational models and grand research challenges she’s implementing into the curriculum and how those impact the way mechanical engineering is being taught not only at MIT but in other universities as well.

We also feature a segment by Chitra Sethi, Mechanical Engineering magazine’s managing editor, who reports on MIT’s new $1-billion Stephen A. SchwarzmanCollege of Computing and how AI, big data and other technologies are changing the curriculum at the some of the largest colleges in the country.

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