Podcast: American Manufacturing and National Defense
The transformation of American manufacturing from consumer products almost overnight is one of the unsung stories of World War II. But today’s defense systems rely upon advanced technology from digital control systems on advanced fighter planes to high strength composites and body armor. And when gaps open up between the technological capabilities of competitor nations, it can be disastrous for the country that falls behind.
In this episode of ASME TechCast, Jeffrey Winters, editor in chief of Mechanical Engineering magazine, talks with two experts who have studied the importance of manufacturing capability to national security. Steven R. Schmid is the Belk-Woodward Distinguished Professor of Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and Shreyes N. Melkote holds the Morris M. Bryan Jr. Professorship in Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.
They wrote the recent article on this subject, “Manufacturing and National Security,” for Mechanical Engineering and ASME.org.

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