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Podcast: Additive Manufacturing Revolutionizes Aerospace Design

Podcast: Additive Manufacturing Revolutionizes Aerospace Design

Airbus Roadmap Leader Hauke Schultz talks about the industrialization of additive manufacturing within the aerospace industry.
Additive manufacturing has long been a tool used by the aerospace industry to manufacture parts. The latest advancements within AM are now shifting production toward end-use parts. There are still many challenges including quality, productivity, repeatability, and materials availability. Hauke Schultz, the Additive Manufacturing Roadmap leader at Airbus, is building a vision and roadmap to enhance AM technologies and applications within its three business units: Airbus Commercial, Helicopters, and Defense and Space. Schultz talks about the journey of AM in aerospace, how the last year impacted the industry, and how the future of AM in aerospace will impact engineers.

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