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Infographic: COVID-19 Creates a Remote Learning Curve

Infographic: COVID-19 Creates a Remote Learning Curve

Engineers working at academic institutions see major changes on campus. Most tellingly, professors and instructors report enthusiasm for remote learning tools diminishing.
Since April, ASME Market Intelligence has been surveying more than 1,500 engineers in industry and academia on their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on engineering. From the elimination of travel to the full-scale move to online instruction, engineers working at academic institutions have seen major changes on campus since spring.
In spite of the move to remote learning, professors and instructors see much less enthusiasm for these tools as time goes on. And many anticipate hard times ahead, with R&D budgets expected to be slashed and enrollment from foreign students predicted to decline.
More results will be released by ASME Market Intelligence in the coming months.

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