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Infographic: 7 Ways COVID-19 May Change Our World

Infographic: 7 Ways COVID-19 May Change Our World

COVID-19 may have ever-lasting effects on our day-to-day engineering lives.
As some parts of the world emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is wondering whether the rules governing society, the economy, and how we use technology have changed. Will more commerce become e-commerce? Will companies relocate offshore factories? Have robots and smart factories proven their value?
No one knows the answers to those questions, but many are trying to scope out answers. One of the more thoughtful of those attempts comes from McKinsey & Co., a consulting firm that advises large corporations and also governments about how to prepare for the future. All the trends it projects may not necessarily come to fruition, but they are likely to spark deeper thinking on the subject of “the next new normal.”


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