Image credit: David Tolfree

COMS 2015 Brings Together Bio, Nano, and Manufacturing Experts

Oct 27, 2015

by Kyle Leigh Avery, ASME staff <br />David Tolfree, MANCEF

The international Commercialization of Micro-, Nano-, and Emerging Technologies (COMS) conference is an illustrious event that convened for the twentieth time September 14–16 in Krakow, Poland. As a reflection of ASME’s growing presence in the nano, bio, and manufacturing research and academic space, ASME was represented at COMS in 2015, and in 2016 will join the Micro and Nano Technology Commercialization Education Foundation (MANCEF) as co-sponsors in the conference. ASME is excited to expand this partnership in such an important field.

This year’s program of 48 speakers from 15 countries included government policy makers, serial entrepreneurs, funding specialists, researchers, and industry leaders. The unifying theme of the conference was how emerging technologies in general, and micro- and nanotechnologies specifically, will shape the future. Nine keynote speakers refined the themes for each of the three days, considering commercialization for micro- and nano-based products, microfluidics, workforce development, microsensors, and more.

As always, the enlightening COMS speakers and panelists provided insights into the nature and the challenges of the industry. Day one featured a session on commercialization chaired by entrepreneur Robert Mehalso, which also boasted a roster of CEOs from successful companies in the US and UK. A session on the application of microfluidics to novel biomedical products and devices opened the second day of the conferences, and spanned topics from the history of microfluidics to workforce development. On the third day, Professor Steve Walsh looked ahead at emerging technologies and asked “Can the Internet of Things Evolve to Support a Multiple Trillion Sensor World?” Along with other highlights including sessions with Jerzy Katckil of the Polish National Centre for Research and Development, Erol Harvey of MiniFab, and Janusz Bryzek of TSensors Summit Inc., these talks provided attendees with full days of intensive learning.

The annual COMS conferences provide platforms for a variety of experts to cover real-world, topical subjects; as importantly, they bring delegates from around the world together to network and brainstorm on potential opportunities. Congratulations to chair Rafal Walczak, co-chair David Tolfree, and MANCEF president Volker Saile for a successful event. Be sure to join the COMS conference next year, when it will take place in Houston, Texas!

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