ASME Student Activities 2011

Dec 10, 2010


Got design on the mind? ASME hosts several competitions and activities in which to get involved and "get your hands dirty"—figuratively and literally! Programs range from design challenges to presentation competitions, but all share a common string of benefits—competitive awards and recognition opportunities, a definite fun factor, a chance to put your skills to good use and an opportunity to get to know likeminded students and pros in your field!

2011 Student Design Competition-H2Go: The Untapped Energy Source

Green energy is being used more each day. Wind turbines, wave turbines, hydroelectric dams, geothermal heating/ cooling, biofuels and solar panels are all being constantly improved to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. Roughly 7% of the world’s energy is currently generated from these sources. However, there is a green source of energy that has not yet been fully tapped—rain. The goal of the 2011 ASME Student Design Competition, H2Go! is to design a scaled, proof-of-concept prototype for rain energy conversion. The prototype device will propel a model car as far as possible in a straight line by converting the potential energy of one liter of water at one meter height. All water must be contained within the device and a penalty will be assessed for any water spilled. The competition will take place during the 2011 Student Professional Development Conferences beginning in the spring.

2010-11 Human-Powered Vehicle Challenge Highlights The Spring 2011 East and West events will continue to provide students around the globe with an opportunity to combine design and innovation in a real-world experiment. Join us at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (yes, home to the Indy 500) with HPVC East hosts, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to showcase the elegance and performance of your vehicle on a legendary raceway. If you’re more inclined to brave the elements, come to HPVC West at Montana State University in beautiful Bozeman, Montana.

In 2010, we rolled out an exciting alternative to the traditional Sprint Event—a Drag Race Event challenging teams to race head-to-head in a double-elimination tournament. This year, hosts will again have the choice between Sprint and Drag Events. We will also introduce a new Design Event structure and scoring rubric. Stay tuned to the HPVC website for details on this and other new features to be introduced in the 2011 HPVC Rules.

Old Guard Student Competitions The Old Guard competitions are designed to emphasize the value of effective communication and presentation skills for the engineering workforce. The following programs are offered to engineering students at the Student Professional Development Conferences (SPDC), which take place on various college campuses all over the world each spring.

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