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2016 ISHOW Washington

ISHOW USA was held in Washington, DC. Winning teams are developing projects to save water, to provide an alternative to charcoal cookstoves for low income families, and to simplify and speed up the fitting of prosthetic limbs.

Kenneth W. Turner, Program Officer, The Lemelson Foundation, left, and ASME’s Paul Scott, right, present the ISHOW prize to Paygo Energy’s Fausto Marcigot, Nick Quintong, and Michael Hahn. Watch a video about their metering system for liquid natural gas.

Madiha Kobt, past president, ASME, left, and ASME’s Paul Scott pose with ISHOW Jessica Menold, of Amparo. Watch a report about how Menold and her international team are trying to develop better prosthetic devices.

Scott and Paige Rodgers, Head of Communications & Partnerships, Autodesk Foundation, right, present the ISHOW trophy to Keri Waters, of Calliope Water Works, Inc. Watch a video about Waters’ plan to reduce the waste of water through sophisticated household monitoring.

ISHOW Videos produced and directed by Roger Torda, ASME Public Information.

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