New Programs

NQA-1 Product Certification

ASME's NQA-1 Certification is a new program for organizations supplying items or services that provide a safety function for nuclear facilities... to have their Quality Assurance (QA) programs recognized by ASME as being in conformance with the requirements of the ASME NQA-1 Standard.

ASME's NQA-1 Certification will provide independent, third-party, centralized certification for QA programs as an option to the various other programs currently in effect. It offers particular value to new organizations with items or services relevant to the nuclear industry, and to jurisdictions without their own certification programs. Thus ASME's NQA-1 Certification will help to standardize certification for nuclear QA worldwide. Visit

CA Connect

In 2011, ASME successfully debuted a new online system to process its product certifications: "CA Connect." Custom-designed in joint venture with Microsoft Corp., CA Connect promises superior customer service to ASME's thousands of product-certificate holders and applicants worldwide.

Key features include: streamlined applications; speedier responses from ASME; real-time status for all aspects of your application, including reviews, change requests, invoices and scheduling; automated notifications and communications. For more information, email to

ANDE Personnel Certification

ANDE is a new certification program for Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) personnel and quality control (QC) inspectors. It will comply with the applicable requirements of the ASME NQA-1 Standard for the qualification and certification of NDE personnel. ANDE will also comply with ANSI N45.2.6 and NQA-1 for the qualification and certification of QC Inspectors.

ANDE will provide independent, third-party, centralized certification for NDE & QC inspection personnel as an option to the historical, employer-based NDE & QC certification systems. Thus it will help to standardize workforce development for nuclear NDE & QC worldwide by offering transportable certification credentials. Visit

ASME "S&C Update" eNewsletter

ASME's "S&C Update" is a new, quarterly eNewsletter designed to keep interested parties up-to-date on ASME Standards & Certification activities. It covers "What's New" in general; sections on ASME Standards and other publications; and focus on "Global Outreach," "Energy Spotlight," "Training & Development" and "Calendar of Events." There are also periodic features on key ASME personnel and volunteers, plus topics of mutual interest.

For a no-obligation subscription, email to S&

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