Publication Formats

Conference proceedings are prepared for at-conference delivery and are also available post-conference. These publications are available in print and digital versions.


  • Softbound 8.5 x 11 volume
  • Reprints of individual papers also available


  • CD-ROM and online (as PDF files) (format varies by conference)
  • Also available as individual PDFs on the ASME Digital Store

The format for a specific conference proceedings is determined by the conference organizers, working in conjunction with ASME Publishing. With the current digital technology, many conferences find that their attendees are interested in receiving the complete proceedings on CD-ROM, while others wish to continue receiving print. For those conferences publishing their at-conference proceedings on CD, ASME also issues a post-conference print version for libraries and other customers.

It is anticipated that other formats will be available in the future, including, on-line/at-conference delivery of papers, print-on-demand, etc. As the technology of conference publishing changes and expands, so will the available publishing models.