ASME's product certification programs have grown dramatically. Starting with just two countries in the years prior to 1972, there are now 74 countries in which companies have been certified. ASME is proud that the value of these certification programs has been so widely acknowledged, and that ASME is playing this increasingly vital role in fostering product safety and international commerce.

The growth of these programs has presented many new opportunities, but also some challenges, especially regarding how to maintain the trademark registrations of ASME's 28 separate product certification marks across the more than 100 nations in which these marks are currently used on products.

In order to streamline our multiple marking processes and more effectively manage our numerous global relationships, ASME is pleased to announce the introduction of a new single product certification mark:

New ASME Product Certification Mark

Instead of 28 separate ASME product certification marks, there will now be this single comprehensive mark. To maintain a link to the current marks, the new mark will be used in conjunction with a "certification designator" to indicate the applicability of the certification. The following is an example of how the new mark would be used on a nameplate (in this case for a vessel constructed to Section VIII, Division 2):


Q: When can I begin using the new stamp?
A: Certified companies may begin to use the new certification mark once the 2011 Addenda to the Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code is published. Revisions have been incorporated describing the use of the mark and the Certification Designator.


Q: My company is a new applicant with a Shop Review scheduled for September of 2011. Assuming we are approved for certification, which stamp(s) will I receive?
A: Until the end of 2011, companies will receive the old stamps (U, S, N, etc.) unless they request the new stamp.


Q: My company is currently certified. May we request the new stamp now?
A: Yes.


Q: Will there be a fee associated with obtaining the new stamp?
A: If you currently have stamps, there will not be any charge. If you are a newly certified company without any current stamps and you request the new one, the regular stamp fee will apply.


Q: When will we be required to discontinue use of the current stamps?
A: The old stamps (U, S, N, etc.) may be used until January 1, 2013.


Q: What sizes do the new stamps come in?
A: They are available in ½ in. and ¾ in. sizes. When requesting one of the new stamps, you should specify the size.


Q: Are we required to return the old stamps?
A: Yes. The stamps are the property of ASME and must be returned once you discontinue use of them. As of January 2013, all of the old stamps must be returned to ASME.


Q: Are we required to return our certificate when we return the old stamps?
A: No. Your Certificate of Authorization authorizes the use of the Code symbol. The new Code symbol is the Certification Mark as depicted in the sample nameplate above. As of January 1, 2012, the Certificates will be redesigned to show the new certification mark.


Q: I have applied for A, S, and U stamps. Will I receive one certificate or three?
A: You will receive three certificates. Certified companies will continue to receive a separate certificate for each category of equipment.


Q: My company is currently certified. Will the certificate numbers remain the same when I get the new stamp?
A: Yes.


Q: Will this have any effect on my scope of certification?
A: No.


Q: Must the certification designator be stamped on the nameplate?
A: No. The certification designator must appear directly below the certification mark, however it may be printed rather than stamped. See the applicable Code rules for further information.


Q: Is it allowed to make assemblies with different code stamps (old "U""- as part + new "ASME" U2)?
A: Yes. During the 18 month transition period the old and new symbols are considered equivalent.


Q: My company manufactures small valves which are too small to be stamped. We are currently permitted to use alternative marking processes if accepted by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and authorized by ASME. Will this continue to be in effect?
A: Yes. There will be no change to this practice.


Q: Can we obtain more than one stamp?
A: Yes, additional stamps may be purchased.


Q: My Company is a current Certificate Holder. When will we receive the new stamp?
A:Current Certificate Holders will receive the new stamps automatically during 2012 when they renew. Other companies may request the new stamp by sending an email to Near the end of 2012, all companies that have not previously received one will be sent the new stamp and requested to return their old stamps. There is no charge for current Certificate Holders.


Q: I am fabricating a to an earlier edition of ASME Section III which requires an ASME symbol Stamp "such as NPT" to be applied, however I only possess the new ASME Mark what is the requirement for stamping?
A: Effective January 1, 2013 the ASME mark with the appropriate designator need be used. However, prior to the mandatory January 1, 2013 date either marking will be acceptable.


Q: Do the old and new marks have the same meaning? For example, does the old mark ("N" inside the clover-leaf border) have the same meaning as the new mark ("ASME" diagonally inside the clover-leaf border) with the "N" certification designator underneath?
A: Yes.

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