GDTP (Y14.5) - Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional Certification


ASME's GDTP Personnel Certification Program offers Technologist and Senior level certifications. Please review the Applicant Information brochure for a complete overview of this program and to determine which level of certification is appropriate for you.

The exam is currently to the 1994 edition of the Y14.5 standard. The testing committee has been actively working on revisions to the exam to align with the 2009 edition. The projected availability for the 2009 based exam is mid-September 2016.


ASME-PC Connect is an on-line personnel certification application and credentialing management system and is how applications and certifications will be processed. ASME attempted to contact all previous and current certificate holders via email announcing this new system. Some client’s email addresses have changed, are not functioning or have opted out of receiving emails. If you need to update your ASME email address associated with your account, please contact ASME’s Customer Care at 1.800.843.2763 (outside US +1.646.616.3100) or email at and provide the requested information to update your email address. Email will be the primary source of communication for this new system .

ASME-PC Connect will allow you to locate and view your certification record using the search box on the sign in screen.  If you are currently a certificate holder or applicant, here is the link to ASME-PC Connect.

GDTP certification process for new applicant:

  • ASME has implemented an on-line application and credential management system referred to as ‘ASME-PC Connect’.  Email is the primary channel of communication and will be used throughout this process, so please select and use a stable email address and track your password for your ASME-PC Connect account. You will also need to ensure your email system is cleared to receive emails from
  • Paper applications no longer exist, nor will they be accepted.
  • Prospective applicants will have the option of paying by credit card, check/money order and under special circumstances purchase orders.  Credit card payments will be the most efficient/timely manner in which to gain access to ASME-PC Connect. For those individuals or companies who would rather pay by another format, there are forms which will need to be completed and mailed to ASME’s processing center.  The form when completed will document the payment format (check, money order or PO) and the applicant data for whom the payment is being submitted.  Please refer to the instructions associated with these payment options. They are located on the ‘Application Process’ tab.
  • When ASME has receives your request to sit for this examination, the prospective applicant will be emailed instructions on how to sign-in and/or create an account within ASME-PC Connect.  ASME-PC Connect with its easy to use interface will guide the individual through the various stages from ‘applicant’, to ‘candidate’ and ultimately the possibility of becoming a ‘certificate holder’ under this program.  Verification of requirements data will be accomplished with an easy to use email exchange between the applicant/certificate holder and their references.
  • Once an applicant has been accepted into the program, they will be instructed to contact a conveniently located Prometric Testing Center to schedule their exam.
  • Execute the exam.
  • ASME will notify you of test results via email. If the applicant was successful, a certificate will be mailed and their name is entered on the Certificate Holders listing. If the applicant was not successful, a retest option will be outlined.
  • The recertification/renewal process will be managed through ASME-PC Connect allowing certificate holders to continue to enjoy the benefits of being credentialed.  Certificate holders will be instructed in how to maintain their certification without having to retest should the recertification requirements be met.

To initiate the application process, please click on the link labeled ‘Application Process’ which is located under the program name GDTP (Y14.5) – Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional Certification in the column to the left.


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