GDTP (Y14.5) - Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional Certification


ASME's GDTP Personnel Certification Program offers Technologist and Senior level certifications. Please review the Applicant Information brochure for a complete overview of this program and to determine which level of certification is appropriate for you.

The exam is currently to the 1994 edition of the Y14.5 standard. The committee has been actively working on revisions to the exam to align with the 2009 edition. Details on the transition will be posted as they become available.



GDTP certification process for new applicant:

  • You will have the option of paying by credit card or submitting a completed, printed application with a check or money order to ASME.
  • Once a completed application with payment is received, processed and accepted, ASME will respond via email with an acceptance letter containing an applicant identification code.
  • Once you have your acceptance letter, contact Prometric to schedule an exam at one of their test centers. Please review your acceptance letter carefully as there are rules which apply once you have scheduled an appointment with Prometric.
  • Take the exam.
  • ASME will notify you of test results via email. If the applicant was successful, a certificate is mailed and their name is entered on the Certificate Holders listing on ASME's website. If the applicant was not successful, the option of retesting is available. Please note that a candidate may only retest twice in any 6 month period.

GDTP certification process for renewal:

  • Certification (to the same level of Y14.5-1994) may be renewed without retesting upon verification of involvement with GD&T for at least 24 of the previous 36 months. A verifiable record must be provided to ASME such as a letter from your employer, a client, or other evidence of participation. Please refer to page two of the renewal application for submission and payment.
  • You will have the option of paying by credit card or submitting a completed, printed application with a check or money order to ASME.
  • Upon review and approval of your renewal application, ASME will renew your certificate. In order to assure continuity of your certification, you should submit your renewal application at least two months prior to the expiration date listed on the certificate. Please note that an expired GDTP Certification can only be reissued by retest.



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