Personnel Certification

ASME has been setting the standard in personnel certification for over two decades. Acting by request of federal agencies, ASME provides particular industries with a uniform standard for evaluating professional competency. Nearly 3,000 professionals throughout North America have achieved these respected credentials for themselves, while bringing back to their sponsoring organizations best-practices for improving operational safety and efficiency.


More programs for ASME personnel certifications are under development. Check back to these pages regularly for updates.

For specific information or questions on ASME Personnel Certification: Phone 1-212-591-8591 or Email:

GDTP (Y14.5M-1994 or Y14.5-2009) - Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional Certification

ASME GDTP Certification provides the means to recognize proficiency in the understanding and application of the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) principles. The standard which provides the body of knowledge for these exams is the ASME Y14.5M-1994 or Y14.5-2009 Standard. There are two levels of certifications, Technologist and Senior per standard.

QRO - Certification for Municipal Solid Waste Combustion Facilities Operators

The ASME QRO Certification Program covers operators of facilities that combust Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). The QRO Certification Program is based on the ASME QRO-1 -2005 Standard for the Qualification and Certification of Resource Recovery Facility Operators. The program is intended for operators of facilities with or without heat recovery.

QFO - Certification of High Capacity Fossil Fuel Fired Plant (Boiler) Operators

If you operate a fossil fuel fired plant (boiler) and are a current certificate holder under this program, please review the above link for substantial changes.

ANDE – ASME NDE and QC Inspection Personnel Certification

ASME's NDE/QC (ANDE) certifications document your knowledge NDE and QC knowledge.