Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements for an extension? Answer

Please refer to our Policy on Request for Extension. Close

The review/survey was already performed. When will I receive my certificate(s)? Answer

If the review/survey was successful, the certificate(s) will be issued after the report submitted by the team leader has been approved. Close

Who should I contact to inquire about the status of my certificate(s)? Answer

Send an email to the ASME Conformity Assessment Department at or call them at 1-212-591-7575. Please provide the company ID number in your correspondence. Close

I would like to use the Certification Mark and/or the ASME Logo in my advertisement/webpages – what are the guidelines in doing so? Answer

The Policy on the Use of Certification Mark in Advertising and the Society Policy 14.6 provide the requirements on the usage of the Certification Mark and ASME Logo. Close

My code design has not changed since obtaining my certification and I am currently up for renewal – is it mandatory that I purchase new books and when? Answer

Yes, the latest edition/addenda becomes mandatory six months after publication. Close

My company has recently been purchased and there will be no change in our company name, management, or operations – does ASME need to be notified of such a change? Answer

No Close

How do I determine if a company is certified by ASME? Answer

Visit the ASME Certificate Holder Search which will provide a list of ASME certified companies. If you know of a company who falsely claims to be an ASME certified company provide the name of the company and to the extent possible, its address, telephone number, and email address. Objective evidence is to be provided which allegedly misrepresents their ASME certification status. Send information by email to the ASME Conformity Assessment Department at or call them at 1-212-591-7575. Close

How do I submit complaints on nonconforming items? Answer

A complaint submitted on an item bearing the ASME Certification Mark, or furnished with certified documents identifying the ASME Certificate number, which allegedly does not meet the requirements of the governing Code/Standard under which it was supplied will be reviewed. The decision whether or not to conduct a formal investigation will be based upon the objective evidence provided with the allegation. At a minimum, the complainants will be required to:

  • Identify the name and address of the ASME certified company which supplied the item in question,
  • Identify the paragraph(s) in the governing Code/Standard which the complaint is based upon, and
  • Provide objective evidence which supports the alleged nonconformance.

Send complaints by email to the ASME Conformity Assessment Department at or call them at 1-212-591-7575. Close



Single Certification Mark



ASME's product certification programs have grown dramatically. Starting with just two countries in the years prior to 1972, there are now 74 countries in which companies have been certified. ASME is proud that the value of these certification programs has been so widely acknowledged, and that ASME is playing this increasingly vital role in fostering product safety and international commerce.

The growth of these programs has presented many new opportunities, but also some challenges, especially regarding how to maintain the trademark registrations of ASME's 28 separate Certification Marks across the more than 100 nations in which these marks are currently used on products.

In order to streamline our multiple marking processes and more effectively manage our numerous global relationships, ASME is pleased to announce the introduction of a new single Certification Mark.

Instead of 28 separate Certification Marks, there will now be this single comprehensive mark. To maintain a link to the current marks, the new mark will be used in conjunction with a "Certification Designator" to indicate the applicability of the certification. The image shows an example of how the new mark would be used on a nameplate (in this case for a vessel constructed to Section VIII, Division 2).

Boiler and Pressure Vessel (BPV) Certification

Nuclear Material Organization Certification

Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) Certification

Nuclear Component Certification

Reinforced Thermoset Plastic (RTP) Corrosion-Resistant Equipment Certification

Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA) Certification

Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA)

Start an application or check your application status online using CA Connect.

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