Formatting the Paper

In an effort to assist the author in preparing and formatting the paper, these instructions present the specifications for formatting the elements of the paper. All papers must follow these guidelines. All artwork, tables, and graphs must be correctly inserted into the final paper.
The easiest way to format the paper is to use the templates.
Papers must be submitted in PDF only. See more details on Creating PDFs.

Conference Header

Arial size 10 font and right-aligned on the top-right corner of the first page only.

Paper Number

Arial size 16 font and directly below the conference header on the right side of the paper. Include the full paper number (ex. IMECE2020-12345).

Paper Title

Arial size 11 and in all uppercase, with the exception of units of measure or any terms (ex. chemical equations) usually in lowercase. Subtitles should be set off with colons.

If a paper has multiple parts and a subtitle, the part number should be set off with a colon and the subtitle should be set off with an em-dash following the part number, like this:


Note that a space is used before and after the em-dash. Authors should double-check the titles for any typos as word processors do not spell-check text written in all uppercase.

Author Names with Affiliation

Arial size 10. Authors with the same affiliation and who come next to each other in author order should be listed together on the same line with their names separated by commas.

Ensure the correct city/country information is included. Authors inside the US should list only the city and the state. Authors in Canada should list only city, province, and country. Authors everywhere else should include only the city and the country. Please do not add extraneous information.

Authors who have changed affiliation during the publication process should indicate their previous affiliation in a footnote on the first page: “*Previously affiliated with [name of institution].”

Please see Elements of a Paper for more information regarding the conference header, paper number, paper title, and author information.

General Text

The body of the paper, including the abstract and the references, should be in Times New Roman size 10, right-justified, single-spaced, and in two columns. The margins should be .5 inches.

Section headers should be in Arial size 10, bold, and uppercase.

Tables and Figures

All tables and figures should fit within the column width. Ensure that no part of the table goes into the margins. See Dealing With Graphics for more information.

All figures should be numbered consecutively and have a caption consisting of a brief title or description of the figure. This number will be used to refer to the figure throughout the text (ex. Fig. 2). When the figure reference begins a sentence, the figure should be spelled out (ex. Figure 2).

All tables should be numbered consecutively and have a caption consisting of a brief title or description of the table.

Use of SI Units

Authors are encouraged to include SI units of measurement in all papers. When U.S. customary units are given preference, the SI equivalent should be provided in parentheses or in a supplementary table. And vice versa, when preference is given to SI units, the U.S. customary units should be provided in parentheses or in a supplementary table.


If the paper ends with one or two sentences overflowing to a new page, authors should try to adjust the formatting so that those lines fit onto the previous page.

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