Author Templates

ASME provides templates to assist authors in preparing their papers for publication. The following templates are offered:


Important Notes On Templates:

  • These templates have been provided to ASME gratis by dedicated authors and we provide them further as a courtesy. Corrections or suggestions for improvement of these templates should be forwarded to Nhora Cortes-Comerer.
  • If you are using the templates and style sheets provided, not every contingency could be incorporated into the coding. To determine specifications for any elements not incorporated into the style sheets, review Writing the Paper and Formatting the Paper.
  • For questions about use of the Word Template, please contact

In addition, ASME also provides a schematic template for the first and subsequent pages of a paper to give guidance regarding measurements, column width and length, etc.


Important Notes On Schematic Template:

  • The measurements provided in text and on the templates are in inches only.
  • Make all vertical measurements from top to bottom allowing for any discrepancies in measurement (+1/16 in.) to be absorbed at the bottom of the page.
  • If you are using A4 or A5 paper, prepare your paper per the size specifications provided. Begin at the top, allowing a larger bottom margin and narrower side margins.

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