Checking Your Submission Status/Options

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Checking Your Submission Status/Options

Once you have created an account and submitted to a journal, you can log in to the site as a returning user to check the status of your submissions.

As soon as you log in, you will be taken to the Paper Status page, where you will see two tables,

Current Paper Status and Author Information.

The Current Paper Status section provides the following information:

  • Journal. This is the abbreviation of the journal to which you submitted
  • Status. This is a brief note on the current status of your
  • Options:
    • Update. You can update the elements of the record of your work as follows: revise the text, change the title, add or delete comments. Once the review process of the work has been initiated, however, you will be unable to revise the text of the abstract or the full document. Please note that you cannot update or modify the paper type or journal
    • Withdraw. You may withdraw your work at any time in the process.
    • Details. This link opens to a full detail page for each work listed.

The Author Information area provides information on each author of each work.

  • Paper Number
  • Options. You must select an author name from the pull-down list before you can make any changes.
    • Update. You can update the account information for yourself or a co-author.
    • Add. You can add an author by completing the account info form.
    • Remove. You may remove an author.
    • Update Roles and Publication Order. This feature allows you to change the role of an author if necessary or to reorganize the publication order of the authors.

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