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CrossRef is an independent membership association for building shared technologies. Its mission is to improve access to published scholarship through services that require collective agreement among scholarly and professional publishers. The CrossRef database now includes records for over 37 million content items from 2,800 publishers and societies.

CrossRef launched in early 2000 as a cooperative effort among publishers to enable citation linking in journals using the Digital Object Identifier, or DOI. A CrossRef DOI is an alphanumeric name (for example, “”) for digital content, such as a book, journal article, chapter, image, and so on.

The CrossRef DOI is paired with the object’s electronic address, or URL, in a central DOI directory that is easily updated. The CrossRef DOI is published in place of the URL to prevent link attrition while allowing the content to move as needed. For instance, the publisher may need to migrate content from one production system to another (pre-print to post-print), or content may move from one publisher to another if a journal or the publisher itself changes ownership. In these cases the DOI never changes, which means that all the hyperlinks to that content that have already been published and disseminated still function. Hence, one key insight of the CrossRef DOI system is persistence. The other is “actionability”; like the URL itself, one click on a CrossRef DOI gets users to the location of the content they want.

CrossRef is an official DOI registration agency, appointed by the International DOI Foundation ( To date, CrossRef is the most robust implementation of the DOI model.

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Similarity Check is a multi-publisher initiative to screen published and submitted content for originality. ASME uses the iThenticate software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscripts.

Wherever you see the “Similarity Check Deposited” or “Similarity Check Depositor” logos, you can be assured that the publisher whose content you are reading is committed to actively combating plagiarism and publishing original research.

ASME is a Similarity Check Depositor.

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