Data Policy

Data Sharing

ASME supports and encourages Data Sharing where applicable by all authors publishing as part of the ASME Journal Program.

Authors are responsible for securing permissions for any data or code being shared. Applicable restrictions must be included in the Data Availability Statement.

Data Availability Statement

The following statements will be made available to authors when submitting final files for their accepted paper. The answer will be included in a section of the published paper called “Data Availability Statement”.

Authors will be asked to choose one of the following:

  1. The datasets generated and supporting the findings of this article are obtainable from the corresponding author upon reasonable request.
  2. The data and information that support the findings of this article are freely available at: [URL/DOI].
  3. The authors attest that all data for this study are included in the paper. 
  4. Data provided by a third party listed in Acknowledgements. 
  5. No data, models, or code were generated or used for this paper.
  6. Data under embargo. Data will be available at: [URL/DOI] [embargo length] following publication.

Data Availability statements will be phased in for papers in production, and will be a requirement for all Research Papers starting July 1, 2022.

Repository Options

  1. Author’s Institution
  2. Public Repository

    1. Search the Registry of Research Data Repositories to find a suitable repository,
    2. Some data repositories require a subscription and may have author usage fees for which authors are responsible.

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