The Lloyd H. Donnell Applied Mechanics Reviews Paper Award

Applied Mechanics Reviews was founded in 1948 under the editorship of Lloyd Hamilton Donnell (1895‐1997), who went on to earn the ASME Wooster Reed Warned Medal in 1960, the von Kármán Medal in Engineering mechanics from the ASCE in 1968, and the 1969 ASME Medal.

The Lloyd Hamilton Donnell Applied Mechanics Reviews Paper Award, is selected in June every even year from among the papers published in Applied Mechanics Reviews during the preceding two‐year period by the members of the Applied Mechanics Reviews Editorial Board and the Applied Mechanics Division Executive Committee Vice‐Chair.

The award recognizes outstanding contributions to the applied mechanics archival literature and pays tribute to the vision and commitment of service that led to the founding of the journal.


Tevis D.B. Jacobs and Ashlie Martini
Measuring and Understanding Contact Area at the Nanoscale: A Review


Mahmoud I. Hussein, Michael J. Leamy, and Massimo Ruzzene
Dynamics of Phononic Materials and Structures: Historical Origins, Recent Progress, and Future Outlook

Yahui Xue, Pengyu Lv, Hao Lin, and Huiling Duan
Underwater Superhydrophobicity: Stability, Design and Regulation, and Applications


Marita L. Rodriguez, Patrick J. McGarry, and Nathan J. Sniadecki
Review on Cell Mechanics: Experimental and Modeling Approaches

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