Journal of Applied Mechanics Award

The Journal of Applied Mechanics Award is provided by the Applied Mechanics Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers to honor the best paper which has been published in the Journal of Applied Mechanics during the two calendar years immediately preceding the year of the award. The award will be made annually to the corresponding author of the paper who received their Ph.D. no more than 10 years prior to July 1 of the year of award. Corresponding authors who have yet to receive a Ph.D. may also be considered. The award is presented at the AMD Banquet at the annual IMECE meeting.  

Ankit Srivastava, Texas A&M University
Dynamics of Necking and Fracture in Ductile Porous Materials

Kedar Kirane, Stony Brook University
Fracture and Energetic Strength Scaling of Soft, Brittle, and Weakly Nonlinear Elastomers

Xiaojia Shelly Zhang, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Topology Optimization With Many Right-Hand Sides Using Mirror Descent Stochastic Approximation—Reduction From Many to a Single Sample
Yuhang Hu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Kinetics of Polyelectrolyte Gels

Kathryn Matlack, University of Illinois
Experimental Testing of Vibration Mitigation in 3D-Printed Architected Metastructures

Ruike Zhao, Ohio State University
Micromechanics Study on Actuation Efficiency of Hard-Magnetic Soft Active Materials
Shengqiang Cai, University of California, San Diego
Determining Prestrains in an Elastomer Through Elliptical Indentation
Ahmed Elbanna, University of Illinois
On the Role of the Plaque Porous Structure in Mussel Adhesion: Implications for Adhesion Control Using Bulk Patterning
Charles Wojnar, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Linking Internal Dissipation Mechanisms to the Effective Complex Viscoelastic Moduli of Ferroelectrics
Yihui Zhang, Tsinghua University
Mechanics of Fractal-Inspired Horseshoe Microstructures for Applications in Stretchable Electronics
Ken Kamrin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Eulerian Method for Multiphase Interactions of Soft Solid Bodies in Fluids
Xuanhe Zhao, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Phase Diagrams of Instabilities in Compressed Film-Substrate Systems
2014 (jointly awarded)
Markus J. Buehler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Bioinspired Graphene Nanogut
Katia Bertoldi, Harvard University
Oscar Lopez-Pamies, University of Illinois
Some Remarks on the Effect of Interphases on the Mechanical Response and Stability of Fiber-Reinforced Elastomers
Asha Nurse, Brown University
A Model of Force Generation in a Three-Dimensional Toroidal Cluster of Cells

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