Technical Committee on Publications and Communications

The Technical Committee on Publications and Communications (TCPC), a committee of the Technical Events and Content Sector (TEC), shall have the supervision of those activities concerned with the dissemination of technical information associated with ASME Transactions Journals, Conference Publications, and Books.

TCPC Roster

Jane Davidson Chair, TCPC SOLAR, HTD University of Minnesota
Vijay Dhir Vice-Chair, TCPC HTD University Of California/Los Angeles
Bahram Ravani BOE, Chair DED University Of California, Davis
Hussein Zbib Member MATS Washington State University
Michael McCarthy Member DED, DSC University Of California/Irvine
Jian Cao Member MED, AMD, DSC Northwestern Univ
Dave Wisler Member IGTI Consultant
Ahmed Shabana Member DED University Of Illinois
Joseph Beaman Member DSCD University of Texas At Austin
Gerald Miller Member BED Consultant

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