Special Issue on Advanced Laser Materials Processing - Honoring Professor Larry Yao

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We are pleased to announce a special issue dedicated to honoring the distinguished career of Professor Lawrence Yao, a pioneer and luminary in the field of laser materials processing. It will celebrate Professor Yao's profound contributions to the field. We encourage research that advances innovation in laser processes, advancing our fundamental understanding of laser-material interactions, introducing novel experimental approaches and findings, new optimization and AI-enabled process control, and showcasing practical applications of new laser systems. 

Topic Areas


  • Mathematical Modeling and Control of Laser Processes
  • Laser Removal Process
  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Annealing and Hardening
  • Surface Treatment, Coating, and Materials Deposition Using Lasers
  • Laser Rapid Manufacturing and Net-Shape Engineering
  • Laser-Induced Plastic Deformation Process
  • Laser Micro- and Nano-Fabrication

Special Issue Publication Dates

Paper submission deadline: September 1, 2024
Initial review completed: December 1, 2024
Publication date: March 2025

Submission Instructions

Authors are invited to submit original research papers, review articles, and case studies that address the topics outlined above. Submissions should adhere to paper formatting and submission guidelines of ASME Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering. All submitted papers will undergo a rigorous peer-review process.

Please join us in paying tribute to Prof. Lawrence Yao's invaluable contributions to the field of laser materials processing by participating in this special issue. We look forward to receiving your contributions and engaging in meaningful discussions at the conference.

Papers should be submitted electronically to the journal through the ASME Journal ToolIf you already have an account, log in as an author and select Submit Paper. If you do not have an account, you can create one here
Once at the Paper Submittal page, select the Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, and then select the Special Issue on Advanced Laser Materials Processing - Honoring Professor Larry Yao.

Papers received after the deadline or papers not selected for the Special Issue may be accepted for publication in a regular issue.

Guest Editors

Wayne Li, The Boeing Company (wayne_li88@yahoo.com)

Gary J. Cheng, Purdue University (gjcheng@purdue.edu)

Arif Malik, University of Texas at Dallas (arif.malik@utdallas.edu)

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