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William S. Janna, Ph.D.


Dr. William S. Janna is a retired professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Memphis. He earned his BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Toledo. He has taught at the University of Memphis for 32 years, serving as Department Chair and as Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies. Previously, Dr. Janna worked at the University of New Orleans for 11 years; serving four years as Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Dr. Janna has written three textbooks: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 6th Edition, Engineering Heat Transfer 3rd Edition, and Design of Fluid Thermal Systems, 4th Edition.  He has been a contributing editor to several handbooks and has authored numerous research papers.  Dr. Janna served as a textbook reviewer for Applied Mechanical Reviews and has taught Economics of Pipe Size Selection in the ASME Professional Development Program.

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