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Ramin Salemi, Ph.D.

Caterpillar, U.K.

Dr. Ramin Salemi has:
  • Considerable experience in the Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis of turbine blade cooling, polymer processing, building aerodynamics, building ventilation, automotive components and systems design, underhood airflow for off-highway vehicles, cavitation in fuel injectors and battery thermo-electrical behavior.
  • In-depth knowledge of finite element methods and their applications to the development of an academic CFD code (1994). 
  • Extensive experience with commercial CFD codes (such as STAR-CD/STAR-CCM+, FLOVENT /FLOTHERM, ANSYS FLUENT and ANSYS CFX), and one-dimensional engine performance simulation codes (WAVE) (1995 to present). 
  • Developed a PATENT based on the optimized design of a pull-over fuel jet pump that significantly improved its "efficiency" (2005).
  • Appointed as External Ph.D. Examiner by the Chemical Engineering Faculty at Loughborough University (June 2007-09).
  • Fully trained and successfully graduated as a Six Sigma Black Belt in May 2009.
  • Considerable experience in Engine Cooling System analysis and design since 2009.
  • Been the developer and instructor of “An Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics (EL-513)” on-line course for ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) since January 2010.
  • Developed a 1D Transient Cooling System Model and successfully devised an optimized engine cooling system control strategy for electrical water pump and fans that reduced (a large) diesel engine fuel consumptions by between 4 to 10% (2016-18).
  • Developed and validated 3D battery thermal CFD models in ANSYS FLUENT ranging from a single battery cell to a battery module of 8 cells and up to a battery string box of 7 battery modules. Devised an optimum battery cooling strategy, for a real drive cycle to maximize battery life. Carried out Techno-economic analysis of a variety of active vs. passive battery cooling systems. Developed a CFD trained thermo-electrical Reduced Order Model (ROM) for battery degradation in ANSYS Twin Builder.
  • Author of fourteen journal and conference publications (1986 - present).

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