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John Stolter

President, Stolter LLC

John Stolter has been instructing GD&T courses and consulting on the proper application of  the ASME Y14.5M Standard since 1989. He brings to each class significant manufacturing engineering and design engineering experience, coupled with a unique ability to explain the role dimensioning and tolerancing plays in the product development process.
He is an effective, experienced instructor for many courses dealing with product design and manufacturing, including reading engineering drawings, GD&T, tolerance stack-up analysis, design for manufacturability, die face engineering, sheet metal formability, and FMEA. He has also developed training for a variety of customers on these and other topics. Mr. Stolter's in-depth knowledge of GD&T, design engineering experience, and his relaxed, interactive teaching style result in GD&T and tolerance stack-up analysis classes that have very high levels of student satisfaction. He holds a BSEE degree from Wayne State University and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.
John Stolter was formerly certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as a Senior Level GD&T Professional, 1994 Standard, from approximately 2002 until December 2017.

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