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Jackie Martin

Training Systems, Inc.

Jackie Martin is a professional trainer, speaker, and business coach with a passion for equipping individuals, teams, and business leaders with the communication, leadership, and change resiliency skills needed in the workplace today.

As a 25-year veteran educator with Training Systems, Inc., Jackie has been sharing engineering management and leadership skills with ASME engineers from all over the world. Her goal is to equip, encourage, and connect engineers to their purpose and passion, so they can fall in love with what they do all over again. Jackie knows that when engineers love what they do, they are more productive, creative, safe, loyal, energized and ultimately more satisfied in just about everything they do.

Jackie considers herself a leadership junkie, a serial entrepreneur, and a life-long learner. She’s also a John Maxwell Founding Leadership trainer, a certified Change Cycle expert, and an NLP Practitioner. Recently Jackie begun sharing her educational experience with high school and college students, by founding a non-profit called BMore Learning. BMore provides life and workforce readiness education that prepares students for real life in and after school."

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