Profile Picture of Principal, TRIZ and Engineering Training

Jack Hipple

Principal, TRIZ and Engineering Training

Jack Hipple is a certified TRIZ practitioner and TRIZ trainer for ASME. He holds a Chemical Engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and has 30 years of industrial innovation experience, including responsibility for overseeing the Discovery Research Program and global chemical engineering R&D at Dow Chemical. He also led collaborative project teams in technology management at the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences as well as new product development at Ansell Edmont and Cabot Corporation. He has been a TRIZ trainer and problem solving leader for 15 years, working with over 50 industrial organizations. He has served on the national Board of Directors of AIChE and chaired its Management Division. He is the author of The Ideal Result: What It Is and How to Achieve It (Springer), as well as Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers (Wiley).

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