Profile Picture of Principal Engineer, Welding & Metallurgical Engineering

Bob McReynolds, P.E.

Principal Engineer, Welding & Metallurgical Engineering

Bob McReynolds, P.E., has been working as a welding and metallurgical engineer in the power, defense, and infrastructure industries since 1993. He has worked in engineering and quality roles on nuclear power plant modifications, repairs, and new constructions. Outside of the nuclear industry, Bob has also worked on improving the laser and resistance welding operations for a defense subcontractor and performed welding process quality inspections during the fabrication of major bridge components.  

Mr. McReynolds is licensed as a Professional Engineer in the Metallurgical discipline in the State of California and is an American Welding Society Certified Welding Engineer and Certified Welding Inspector. He has a Bachelor's degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, a Master's degree in Materials Engineering from San Jose State University and has graduated from the College of Oceaneering as an underwater weld inspector.  

Currently, Mr. McReynolds is working for an innovative company in the advanced nuclear reactor industry.   

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