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Ben H. Thacker, Ph.D., P.E.

Executive Director, Southwest Research Institute

Ben H. Thacker, Ph.D., P.E., Executive Director, Materials Engineering Department, Southwest Research Institute, brings over 30 years of expertise in computational mechanics, structural reliability, and computer methods development.  He has been heavily involved in the development and application of probabilistic methods and has applied probabilistic methods to geo-mechanics, biomechanics, and other transient non-linear problems. 
Dr. Thacker is an active member of the AIAA Non-Deterministic Technical Committee and the ASME Standards Committee on Verification and Validation.  He has instructed at the “Probabilistic Analysis and Design: Computational Methods and Applications” annual short course at the Southwest Research Institute since its inception.  He received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from University of Texas at Austin.

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