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PD359 - Practical Welding Technology

PD359 - Practical Welding Technology

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Las Vegas, NV, USA
Mar 11, 2019 - Mar 14, 2019


Chicago, IL, USA
Apr 29, 2019 - May 2, 2019


Houston, TX, USA
Jun 10, 2019 - Jun 13, 2019




Length: 4 days    CEUs: 3.00    PDHs: 30.00

This course is designed for the individual that needs to expand his/her core competence on the subject of welding.  Designers, inspectors, managers, or welders with a need to understand the fundamentals of welding benefit from the practical aspects of welding technology offered here.

This course employs in-class exercises to reinforce class lectures on the subjects of welding and NDE symbols, carbon equivalence, A-numbers, strength of welds, joint details, welding procedures, selection of filler metals, and preheat.

Participants should bring a calculator and several pencils or a mechanical pencil to class. Participants receive a course notebook, a copy of Modern Welding Technology, 6th Edition, and a copy of AWS A3.0 Standard Welding Terms.

You Will Learn to:
 - Explain and identify welding terms and definitions
 - Explain how to specify various weld types and nondestructive testing properly using standard AWS welding symbols
 - Explain basic ferrous welding metallurgy  
 - Describe post weld heat treatments, residual stresses, and distortion control
 - Explain welding processes typically used to fabricate pressure vessels and piping systems
 - Explain the interrelationship between AWS, ASME, and API codes and standards as they relate to pressure vessels, piping systems, and related facilities
 - Explain Welding Procedure and performance qualification documentation and methodology applicable to pressure vessels and piping systems.  
 - Explain common weld defects, causes, and corrective actions
 - Identify major considerations when designing a weld
 - Identify common NDT used to examine welds
 - Identify the elements of a cohesive welding program that includes design, purchasing, fabrication, inspections, and delivery

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Who Should Attend
Managers, engineers, production and maintenance staff, inspectors, welders and others who work with welding.

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  • Course Type: Public Course
  • Course Number: PD359
  • Language: English
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Albert J. Moore Jr. is a principle of Marion Testing & Inspection which has provided welding and NDT consulting services and third party inspections since 1989.

His qualification include certifications as an AWS Senior Certified Welding Inspector with five endorsements, he is a NOCTI certified welding instructor, and he currently holds ASNT ACCP Professional NDT Level III certificates in four NDT test methods; RT, UT, MT, and PT. He has earned an AS in Civil Technology (steel design), a BS in Applied Science and Technology (Welding Technology), a MBA, as well as a Certificate of Professional Development from the Department of Welding Engineering of Ohio State University.

As a welder with over forty years under the welding helmet, Al has been certified for the SMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW, and SAW processes on aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel alloy, and titanium.

Albert is an adjunct instructor for the American Welding Society and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He is a member of the AWS Certification Committee and the AWS Committee for Methods of Inspection as well as several certification subcommittees and the subcommittees responsible for the “Guide to Visual Inspection of Welds and the Welding Inspection Handbook.” Albert is a contributing author for “Inspection Trends” published quarterly by the AWS. In the 2011 authors competition, AZBEE selected his articles on the subjects of developing welding procedures, qualifying WPSs, qualifying welders, and destructive testing, published by “Inspection Trends,” for the Silver Award (2nd place) from a field of over 200 competing periodicals.
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