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PD391 - ASME B31.4 Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids

PD391 - ASME B31.4 Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids

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Sacramento, CA, USA
Apr 13, 2015 - Apr 14, 2015


Houston, TX, USA
Jun 1, 2015 - Jun 2, 2015




Length: 2 days    CEUs: 1.50    PDHs: 15.00

Pipelines play a vital role in our economy. Out of sight and usually out of mind, they bring us, daily, the liquid heating and motor fuels on which we depend. They draw little public attention until they malfunction and release their contents into the environment. Pipeline operators have a duty to preserve public safety and the environment.  Responsible employees of a pipeline operator have a duty to thoroughly understand and rigorously adhere to principles of safe pipeline design and operation in order to keep the products flowing and to minimize the chances that any product will ever be released unintentionally into the environment. Basic safe pipelining starts with the ASME B31.4 Code.

This course provides the foundation for properly applying the code in the interest of public and employee safety.  Its goal is to familiarize pipeline operating personnel, public safety personnel, and state and federal regulators with the important safety-related aspects of ASME B31.4. Each participant is provided with a course notebook containing copies of the slides and viewgraphs and a copy of the current edition of the ASME B31.4 Pipeline Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquids and Slurries codebook.

You Will Learn to:
 - Describe the basic elements of pipeline design, construction and maintenance
 - Explain how to apply principles of safe pipeline design and operation

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Who Should Attend
Pipeline designers, pipeline contractors, pipeline operators, public safety officials, and government regulators

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  • Course Type: Public Course
  • Course Number: PD391
  • Language: English
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Carolyn Kolovich began her career at Kiefner & Associates 10 years ago after graduating from Ohio State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. During her time at Kiefner and Associates, she has been involved in many aspects of pipeline integrity including in-line inspection analyses, integrity management planning and defect assessment. She has been a member of the ASME B31.4 committee for the past 3 years.

Michael J. Rosenfeld, P.E., is Vice President and Chief Engineer at Kiefner/Applus-RTD. His experience includes 25 years in the oil and gas pipeline industry including design, stress analysis, failure investigation, fitness for service assessment, maintenance and repair, welding, and risk assessment. Prior to working in the pipeline industry, Mr. Rosenfeld’s experience included the design and analysis of power piping systems, and industrial and aerospace equipment and components. He has conducted several pipeline industry-sponsored research projects related to pipeline flaw and damage resistance, reliability, and safety. He has published over 30 technical articles in the public domain. Mr. Rosenfeld is active in pipeline standards activities, including ASME B31.8, B31 Mechanical Design Technical Committee, B31 Standards Committee, and the ASME Board of Pressure Technology Codes and Standards.
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