Managing Systems Development 101: A Guide to Designing Effective Commercial Products & Systems for Engineers & Their Bosses / CEOs (The Technical Manager's Survival Guides)

Managing Systems Development 101: A Guide to Designing Effective Commercial Products & Systems for Engineers & Their Bosses / CEOs (The Technical Manager's Survival Guides)

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Table of Contents

By James T. Karam

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This book provides specific, practical advice for engineers who are advancing beyond their technical specialty and find themselves working with other specialties necessary to the development of a complex system or product. They continually face a variety of issues that were invariably never addressed in their schooling: dealing with specifications, project plans, and budgets; improving quality by working with "downstream" functions such as production and service; resolving incompatibilities and bugs under a variety of test conditions; providing technical direction and reviews; and more.

Based on "lessons learned" by the author over a forty-year career developing complex systems products, the book presents basic principles that are applicable whether you are in a bureaucratic, multi-national corporation or one with the founder still in control. Regardless of an organization's size or the particular products, the engineering management issues are eerily the same. Systems are systems, and the engineering process basics, derived largely from aerospace, remain the key to success anywhere. Chapter titles typically end in "101" because the basics are usually where the problems lie, as well as their solutions. This book is concise, but the content is dense. As such, it will also provide a succinct refresher for more experienced professionals and their management when facing challenges.

  • Publisher: ASME
  • Publish Date: 2006
  • Pages: 140
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780791802588

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Table of Contents

Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 Project Systems Engineering 101 Design Requirements; Verification & Validation; Reviews; Analysis & Similarity; Test; BarbieĀ® Dolls; Change Management; Third Time's the Charm Chapter 2 Program Planning 101 Noah's Principle & Earned Value; Scheduling Morality; Management Reserve Chapter 3 System Evolution Bid & Proposal; Architect for Fault Tolerance; Make It Work, Then Robust. Only Then, Make It Better; Branching is a Necessary Pain; Numbers are Better than Judgment; Customers Need Managing too; Closing Out Chapter 4 Often Forgotten Programming 101 Chapter 5 User Interface Design 101 Clickable Mockups, Often in Lieu of Specs; Admittedly Biased Design Practices Chapter 6 Presentations 101 Chapter 7 Find & Flush the Full In-Boxes Chapter 8 Continuous Improvement 101 Categorizing Defects; Engineering Metrics; Production & Service Metrics Chapter 9 Performance Ranking 101 Chapter 10 Incentive Criteria 101 Chapter 11 Matrix Organization 101 Chapter 12 Tailor Your Behavior to the Software, not Vice Versa I've Never Found the Software that I'd Rather Write than Buy Closing Thoughts Additional Reading Index About the Author
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