Advances in Computers and Information in Engineering Research, Volume 1

Advances in Computers and Information in Engineering Research, Volume 1

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Book Series Editorial Board
John Michopoulos, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
David Rosen, Georgia Institute of Technology
Chris Paredis, Georgia Institute of Technology
Judy Vance, Iowa State University

This book series aims to capture advances in computers and information in engineering research, especially by researchers and members of ASME's Computers & Information in Engineering (CIE) Division. The books will be published in both traditional and eBook formats.

The series is focusing on advances in computational methods, algorithms, tools, and processes on the cutting edge of research and development as they have evolved and/or have been reported during the last three to five annual CIE conferences. The series will provide a resource for enhancing engineering practice by enabling the understanding and the application of evolving and emerging technologies that impact critical engineering issues related to the topics and themes under CIE’s technical committees areas of interest, but not limited to:  Advanced Modeling and Simulation; Computer-Aided Product and Process Development; Systems Engineering, Information and Knowledge Management; Virtual Environments and Systems.

Hardcover, Volume 1 (2014)

  • Publisher: ASME
  • Publish Date: 2014
  • Pages: 600
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780791860328

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