Advanced Energy Efficient Building Envelope Systems

Advanced Energy Efficient Building Envelope Systems

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Moncef Krarti, Guest Editor

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Technologies for Sustainable Life (TSL) – Concise Monograph Series

ASME’s Technologies for Sustainable Life (TSL) is a series of concise and timely monographs exploring the interface between engineering and the environmental sustainability agenda. The series adopts a broad base examining fundamental principles and paradigms before a contextual exploration of ecosystems and resources, sustainable manufacturing, energy technology, environmental pollution and finally aspects of environmental governance. Each monograph is written by leading experts in their field and examines the relationship and contributions of engineering to the topic of study. As a series, TSL addresses a long-awaited niche in engineering publishing, providing in-depth discussions of environmental significance set within a technology, economic and policy context.

This monograph presents the latest research developments of innovative building envelope systems. These systems have the ability to allow building structures responsive to changes in outdoor conditions to ensure comfortable indoor environment at higher energy efficiency compared to conventional systems. In particular, the monograph overviews the basic operation principles and thermal performance of four technologies described in three chapters: (i) dynamic insulation materials that can change its thermal properties in order to better adapt the building envelope with its outdoor environment and reduce building heating and cooling thermal loads, (ii) variable reflectance coatings for application on roofs to lower and even eliminate the energy penalties associated with reduced solar heat gains during heating operation of buildings, (iii) single layer breathing walls to recover wasted from heat transmission inside the walls and provide air ventilation to indoor spaces, and (iv) multi-layer living walls to adapt using biomimetric principles and phase-change materials to adapt with the changing outdoor conditions.


  • Publisher: ASME
  • Publish Date: 2017
  • Pages: 142
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780791861370

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