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ASME is committed to providing its members with world-class engineering reference tools that offer the most accessible, timely and authoritative information available. To that end, ASME has teamed with McGraw-Hill Education to provide AccessEngineering for all of our members.

AccessEngineering's 800+ titles span all engineering disciplines, from mechanical to chemical, civil and electrical/electronic to assist you with your engineering problems, research, and projects, and gives you free access to Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook, Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Calculations, Piping Handbook, Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain, and more. Most titles, including reference, textbooks, and code commentary, come embedded with calculator tools, interactive graphs, and downloadable tables.

Videos and flyers available for each section.
Bioengineering Video (MP4) Flyer (Downloadable pdf)
Robotics Video (MP4) Flyer (Downloadable pdf)
Clean Energy Video (MP4) Flyer (Downloadable pdf)
Manufacturing Video (MP4) Flyer (Downloadable pdf)
Pressure Technology Video (MP4) Flyer (Downloadable pdf)

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AccessEngineering Tutorial

View a helpful AccessEngineering tutorial webinar presentation, which includes:

- Enhanced search algorithms and browsing capability using our new taxonomies
- Filtering options to narrow in on specific content types or even specific equations
- Interactive tools for visualizing material properties and performing calculations
- Rich content including over 800 books with redesigned book chapters utilizing dynamic browsing, as well as over 1000 instructional videos

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Key Features

AccessEngineering delivers high-quality, multidisciplinary engineering information, essential for professionals, faculty, and students in getting the right results fast—through these dynamic interactive features:

Premium Search
AccessEngineering’s search and browse capabilities make it incredibly easy for users to quickly find the information they need. Browse by industry or subject to find specific content tagged to areas of interest. The search and browse experience is built around our proprietary engineering taxonomies, which were developed in conjunction with premier taxonomy experts as well as subject matter experts spanning every engineering discipline.

Calculator Tools
These time-saving tools streamline common calculations and increase accuracy, otherwise performed by hand—by embedding the relevant formulas directly in Excel spreadsheet workbooks.

Interactive Graphs and Downloadable Tables
These exclusive digital features make it easier to analyze key data.

Personalized Tools
Allows users to highlight, organize, annotate and share key information. This would require a one-time registration and a separate sign-in.

Global Engineering Newsfeed
Drawn from engineering publications across the world, this newsfeed helps users keep up to date with the latest developments in their field.

Exclusive Self-Teaching Videos
Created by leading engineering faculty exclusively for AccessEngineering, these instructional, white-boarded videos facilitates learning through step-by-step solutions to real-world engineering problems that professional engineers and students will encounter in their career. The videos are embedded right into each individual title.  

Benefits exclusively for ASME Student Members

AccessEngineering’s DataVis is a web-based, interactive data visualization tool that instantly displays property data across a wide range of materials. The carefully curated dataset of 200 materials and 65 properties—including cost—provides users with enough data to understand fundamental material properties without overwhelming them. DataVis allows users to compare the range of each property within material classifications as well as across classifications. Engineers and students often struggle to apply formulas without fully understanding the concepts behind them, or why certain material properties have the values they do. DataVis bridges this gap by presenting materials property data in dynamic visualizations that enable students, faculty, and engineers to tell a story with the data.

AccessEngineering delivers world-class, core engineering information right to your desktop!

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