Bolting Specialist Qualification Program

Bolts remain a critical component of the industrial world, supporting everything from bridges to pipelines, and are integral for the completion and continued function of any structure in which they are utilized. To avoid costly disasters from improperly installed or maintained bolts, ASME created the Bolting Specialist Qualification Program.

Designed to measure a bolter’s capacity to inspect, assemble, disassemble and tighten bolted joints in a safe and orderly manner, candidates will demonstrate their aptitude while proceeding through the Bolting Specialist Qualification Program’s courses derived from the PCC-1 Appendix A “Guidelines for Pressure Boundary Bolted Joint Assembly Personnel.”

The Bolting Specialist Qualification Program’s objective is to standardize the manner industrial professionals operate in the field, increasing workplace accountability, and setting a performance standard wherein accidents, hazards, and personal injury are drastically reduced.

*This qualification in no way determines an individual’s capacity to apply the general knowledge within a specific work environment. It remains the sole responsibility of the employer to determine competency for assigned workplace tasks. This is not a certification.

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Successful candidates will have demonstrated the following programmatic competencies

  • Explain the objectives and methods involved in bolting assembly
  • Perform bolting tasks safely in compliance with applicable standards and procedures
  • Identify and evaluate bolted joint problems
  • Contribute to a safe work environment for bolting assembly

Who Should Attend

Bolting technicians, or companies interested in qualifying their bolting technicians, looking to minimize the potential for workplace incidents and costly failures should attend this program. Successful completion awards the attendee an industry recognized certificate capable of following them throughout their professional career.

Foundational Knowledge: Core Bolting Principles and Procedures

Four self-paced eLearning courses including “Principles of the Bolted Joint and ASM PCC-1”, “Flanges, Fasteners and Gaskets”, “Putting it Together/Taking it Apart ”, “Bolting Safety and Tool Handling.”

Evidence: Bolting Specialist Application and Final Examination

After completing the four eLearning courses, attendees submit verification of at least 6 months of bolting experience and take the final exam. A 90% or better is required to pass.

Performance Assessment: Hands-On Instructor-Led Practical Learning and Skills Assessment

The final portion encapsulates the practical application of all prior lessons under the supervision of an ASME-approved trainer at an ASME-approved location for one day.

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