ASME's Bolted Flange Joint Assembly Program

Earn your microcredentials today.

Gain knowledge of design, installation, and maintenance skills highlighted in ASME PCC-1 and showcase your ability and expertise in the industry.

Earn a microcredential through on-demand training.

Learning bolting techniques on the job generally provides a broader perspective and often doesn’t cover the foundational concepts, essential elements and techniques that is provided by structured learning.

ASME’s Bolted Flange Joint Assembly Program

provides formal On Demand training fostering a deeper understanding of topics and concepts defined in ASME PCC-1 Appendix A. Earn a microcredential for each level by completing courses covering the 4 skills levels.

Learn more about the four levels of training required for an assembler to meet the intent of the standard’s requirements.

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Receiving a microcredential in Bolted Flange Joint Assembly will contribute to skills development, safety and performance of individuals and companies involved in the assembly and maintenance of bolted flange joints.


Individuals involved in the assembly and maintenance of bolted flange joints

benefit from this program. (roles such as piping engineers, maintenance technicians, quality assurance/control personnel, pipefitters, boilermakers, inspection engineers, bolted flange joint inspectors, welders and safety professionals).

Companies who hire individuals with proper training see improvements such as:

Safety hard hat
performing bolted flange joint assembly using practices that are based on providing adequate gasket stress has been shown to reduce the quantity of leaks in a facility.
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trained professionals are more likely to produce consistent results and result in better equipment availability and less down time.
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improving quality of work productively contributes to reduced downtown during maintenance activities
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understanding and implementing quality control measures ensure that approved specifications and procedures are being executed as planned.

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ASME’s Bolting Specialist Qualification Program – status update 5/16/2023

Due to updates in the 2022 release, ASME’s PCC-1 – 2022 no longer aligns with the ASME’s Bolting Specialist Qualification Program (BSQP). As of May 16, 2023, we will no longer be accepting registrations.
If you are a current customer, here’s what you need to know:

Any customer who purchased the ASME BSQP online courses (product code LP109) within the last 90 days will have access to the online course portion of program for 90 days from the date of purchase.

ASME will maintain records of all training and assessments conducted in compliance with Appendix A for traceability purposes.  Inquiries can be sent to
If you are seeking Requalification:

Individuals with legacy Appendix A training or qualification certificates should locate a program who offers academic and practical examinations detailed within PCC-1 Appendix A to complete or update their certification.
BSQP Authorized Training Providers:

Authorized Training Instructors' Contracts will not be renewed.


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