ASME Learning & Development with TEDUC in Argentina

Setting the Standard for Workforce Learning Solutions

ASME Learning & Development is recognized as a leader in training for engineers and technical professionals. Our specialist courses are tailored to the needs of industry professionals and combine academic rigor with applications to real-world situations.

Recognizing that global education and training can be provided more efficiently and affordably by locally trained content experts, ASME works with local technical organizations and engineers to deliver courses in regional markets.

TEDUC is an Argentinian company serving the Latin American market, with innovative tools to provide learning solutions and develop cutting-edge programs that adapt flexibly to the needs and requirements of each of the companies, in today's markets. TEDUC is committed to excellence in training and continuous professional development. We align our training initiatives with industry requirements and thus contributing to improving the bottom line of each of our clients.

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Contact Information: TEDUC Lic. María Eugenia Le Fosse
Address: Av. Roque Saenz Peña 615, Of.611
Tel: (011) 541143284459
Fax: (011) 541143261404

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