VOLT Academy

Volunteer Orientation & Leadership Training Academy

The VOLT Academy offers volunteers an opportunity to learn about training and leadership development within the Society.

Welcome to VOLT!

Welcome to ASME's Volunteer Orientation and Leadership Training (VOLT) Academy, a resource for all ASME volunteer leaders. As ASME members, you volunteer your time and services to ASME for a variety of personal and professional reasons, and come to ASME with varied backgrounds and a diverse array of skills. In order for the Society and its membership to achieve its full potential and realize the benefits of the diversity of its members, you must be well prepared to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the positions or offices you hold, and understand the strategic relevance of your work in the context of ASME's mission and vision.

Download an infographic about VOLT's areas of work.


Clare Bruff, Director, Volunteer Engagement and Diversity

Email: bruffc@asme.org


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