International Mechanical Engineering
Congress & Exposition®

David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, PA

November 9-15, 2018
November 11-14, 2018

Program - Technical Tours



Monday November 12th
Limit 50 guests

Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering is world renowned and focuses on innovative, interdisciplinary and global education and research. All visitors will tour various labs, including:

Makerspace: The TechSpark makerspace is Carnegie Mellon University’s focal point for technology innovation. This College of Engineering facility provides equipment for rapid fabrication of designs from idea to reality for coursework, research, and entrepreneurship, which includes Rabid Fabrication with Laser Machines.

Soft Machines Lab: The Soft Machines Lab develops materials and technologies that enable machines and robots to be safe for human contact. We focus on creating soft multifunctional materials that can act as artificial skin, muscle, and nervous tissue for applications in bio-inspired soft robotics, humanoid robotics, and wearable computing. Visitors will see the lab space and interact with some of the novel “soft-matter" technologies that we have recently discovered.

Robomechanics Lab: The Robomechanics Lab works on designing robots that can operate in challenging real-world environments. We will be showing several robotic platforms including the four legged Minitaur robot as well as a cheetah-inspired robot tail, a wheeled rover that can dig trenches in sandy terrain, and new robotic hoofs that will allow a robot to climb steep rocky terrain. 

Additive Manufacturing Lab: Tour the newly renovated metals additive manufacturing (AM) lab within the Mechanical Engineering department and administered by the CMU Next Manufacturing Center. Equipment includes Optomec Aerosol Jet, EOS Laser Sintering, Arcam E-Beam Sintering and ExOne Binder Jet AM machines. Parts fabricated by these machines support both fundamental research and educational efforts, including new undergraduate minor and Master’s degrees in AM.

Thermal Energy Engineering Lab: The Thermal Energy Engineering Labs seek to understand the underlying physics of thermal energy transport. The tour will focus on thermoreflectance techniques which allow us to directly measure properties like thermal conductivity and thermal interface resistance in both nano and macroscale materials. These properties are critical to thermal management in next generation electronics and to optimize the efficiencies of solid state energy conversion devices.


Tuesday November 13th
Limit 50 guests

The Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL) is a collaboration between the University of Pittsburgh, the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, and UPMC Health System. HERL is dedicated to wheelchair and mobility research, specifically by improving the mobility and function of all people with disabilities through advanced engineering in clinical research and medical rehabilitation on local, national, and international levels. HERL also studies robotics in assistive technology, athletics in rehabilitation, assistive living spaces, wheelchair transfer efficiency, clinician training, and force and vibration on wheelchair users. Attendees will gain an understanding of the work being done at the Laboratories.

WESTINGHOUSE WALTZ MILL OPERATIONS - The Center of Excellence for Westinghouse’s Global Field — Sold Out

Services in Americas and Asia
Wednesday November 14th
Limit 30 guests

Each spring and fall Westinghouse executes a series of outages at nuclear power plants across the United States. It is extremely important that these outages are executed efficiently and that emergent issues are dealt with on an expedited basis. Westinghouse provides outage services anywhere from approximately 20 to 40 customer sites each outage season (Spring & Fall). This requires Westinghouse to staff anywhere from 2,000 to 2,500 positions utilizing approximately 800 personnel. In order to achieve efficiency and predictability in execution Westinghouse has an extensive training program which utilizes two training bays equipped with mock-ups and equipment to effectively prepare personnel for site operations. Tooling sophistication varies from the simplistic to complex robotic systems. The deployment of personnel and equipment along with the day-to-day response to on-going outage operations proves to be quite a logistical endeavor. Westinghouse has developed process and procedures along with a Westinghouse Outage Control Center to manage the complexity of outage operations across multiple sites. Westinghouse invites you to come tour our facility and engage in outage service execution discussion. The tour is scheduled to take place from 1:30 – 3:00 pm. Visitors are reminded that they must wear closed-toed shoes and no photography is permitted on the premises. This tour will be open to the first 30 participants who register. Attendance will be subject to approval.


Thursday November 15th
Limit 50 guests
Cost $25

Visit the world headquarters of ANSYS, global leader in engineering simulation. Here, advanced software tools that help engineers simulate diverse physics such as fluid dynamics, structures, electronics, semiconductors and embedded software are planned, developed and marketed.

In this “insider’s” tour, you will see:

  • Tour the workspace and meet the team that develops ANSYS Mechanical
  • Learn about advanced simulation concepts and technologies
  • Understand the process used to validate, verify and demonstrate that simulation codes deliver deliver results that match physical testing.
  • Try ANSYS Discovery Live, an interactive experience in which you can manipulate geometry, materials types or physics inputs, then instantaneously see changes in performance.
  • Read posters on a variety of advanced fluids, structures and multiphysics topics.